Starting JRipples Analysis

Incremental Change, supported by JRipples To start JRipples analysis (i.e. to built eig for a project and to display it in one of JRipples views), select "Start analysis" from the main JRipples menu or click on the "CL" button () on the toolbar of any JRipples view.

Project selection page

"Start analysis" action from the main JRipples menu will open the first of the two pages of "JRipples analysis configuration" dialog. In this page, a project for the analysis and a main class to start the analysis with should be specified. If a project was previously selected in any of Eclipse views, it will be automatically displayed in "Project" field. Moreover, the name of the project can be typed in manually.

Further, a project can be selected from the list of projects, available in the current workspace.

Also, if "Project" field is left blank, by pressing "Search" button next to the "Main class", JRipples will display all main classes loaded into the workspace (i.e. classes with "main" method defined). By selecting a main class, its respective project will be put into "Project" field automatically. Contrary, if a main class’s name is typed-in manually, project’s name will not be determined automatically.

Please note that "Search" button displays the list with only those classes that define "main" method. To ovveride this behaivor, uncheck "Search only for classes that define 'main' method" box or simply type-in the name of a needed class manually.

At this point, JRipples is ready to start the analysis with the default configuration of JRipples modules. To proceed with the default configuration, just press "Finish" button.

Configuration page

If more advanced configuration is needed (like a specific parser or view), it can be configured through the second page of the wizard by pressing "Next" button.

In this page, dropdown lists can be used to select a specific module in each of the available module categories. Also, it is possible to reset the configuration to the default one by pressing “Restore Defaults” button. When done with configuring, press the “Finish” button to start the JRipples analysis.