JRipples Incremental Change Modules

JRipples incremental change modules are used for the management of the propagation rules of different activities of Incremental Change process. Currently, JRipples supports Concept Location, Impact Analysis, and Change Propagation. As suggested by Incremental Change, JRipples analysis starts with Concept Location, during which components of interest are identified. Then, during Impact Analysis, components, which can be affected by a change in the components of interest, are identified. Finally, the change is actually implemented during Change Propagation process.

Also, for experimental purposes, JRipples supplies weaker versions of the three aforementioned modules, as indicated by “Relaxed” in the names of these modules. The main difference between strict and relaxed versions is in that relaxed versions treat nodes, marked as   Blank in the same way if they were marked as   Next. This deviates from the propagation rules and allows to review a component without reviewing all other components. Note that these weaker modules do not enforce the proper process of IC activities and thus the use of these modules might result in a bug.

Switching between IC activities can be done in several different ways. The simplest way is to use the incremental change control bar in JRipples views. Alternatively, it can be done through “Incremental Change” submenu of JRipples “Configuration” menu, accessible through pull-down list of button in various JRipples views and also in the standard Eclipse toolbar.

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