Getting Started

To begin an analysis with JRipples, press “Start analysis” in the main JRipples menu.

This will open a configuration dialog, where a project and a main class for the analysis should be selected. After this, simply press the “Finish” button.

After the “Finish” button is pressed, JRipples will parse the selected project and open a default JRipples view containing a list of the parsed classes.

At this point, JRipples is ready for Concept Location activity of Incremental Change. To switch to another activity, simply press IA (Impact Analysis) or CP (Change Propagation) button, as highlighted by a green frame in the picture above.

To view the source code of a component selected in JRipples, double click on the name of this component in the view.

To undo or redo the last action, press undo or redo button either on the view’s toolbar, in right-click context menu, or in Eclipse’s edit menu.

To save or restore current state of JRipples analysis, use “Save” and “Load” buttons in JRipples top menu.

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