grep for JRipples analysis module

grep for JRipples analysis module computes ranks for components based on number of occurrences (matches) of a user-specified regular-expression pattern in source code of these nodes.

grep for JRipples plugin is based on grep search engine bundled with Eclipse; thus, any improvements to grep engine will be automatically propagated to Eclipse and grep for JRipples plugin.

Using grep for JRipples

grep for JRipples module is operated through the "Set Query" command, available through JRipples context menus, as well as through the main JRipples menu. Using this command, a user can enter a regular-expression query that will be matched to the source code of components. The query can be updated as many times as necessary; every time the user updates the query, node ranks are re-computed and, if necessary, updated in JRipples views. While setting up a query, the user can specify two additional options: